First year of competing in compound women open with USA Archery

This week at the USA Archery Target Nationals I completed my first year of competing in para target archery with USA Archery. It has been a roller coaster of a year. This roller coaster ride has had its ups and downs with many crazy turns and loop de loops! I have laughed, cried, gotten mad, traveled across the country and over the “big pond”. I celebrated my competitor's wins along with my own. Many of us have become more than friends and consider each other family.

I have discovered that there are many aspects of this sport known as para archery that could use an overhaul. Fewer steep hills to climb and more flat surfaces could help us grow this amazing sport. Those daunting inclines at times have felt as if they were insurmountable like the strenuous clicking of the roller coaster car as it climbs to the top. But once you make it to the summit things get a little easier. It's not quite the exhilarating ride of the coaster as it flies down the steep track but with change, it can and will be just as thrilling. I will advocate for my dear friends and all those new friends yet to be discovered to affect change that will positively impact our sport.

As this roller coaster ride that will be called my first, inaugural, or maybe my debut year of competitive archery comes to a close I would like to offer encouragement to anyone thinking of trying archery or anything new. Right now it may seem like something you could never do...but you never know until you try. Get out there and try something new. So what if at first you're uncomfortable or awkward, that's my everyday life! Think of all the things you are missing out on. You can do anything you set your m