First 3D SHOOT!

On Sunday I participated in my first 3D shoot. I have watched Gary shoot in a couple and he talked me into actually giving it a try. Things started out kinda shaky, with me being nervous and then my release going off too early on my second target! Luckily my arrow went in the target and not a tree.

It was extremely hot and there were lots of mosquitoes to try to distract you but the ticks were the worst! We made a couple of new friends, Chris and Bubba from Appomattox River Archery (thanks for being so patient), and I am looking forward to trying this again when I get my new bow! At this shoot I was using our daughter’s right hand bow and shooting it left handed, so hopefully I will do better when I‘m using my own equipment that’s set up specifically for me. Overall this was a great learning experience. I learned that when I sit down while wearing my shoulder brace, it will shift and cause my shot to be way off! I left an arrow somewhere out there in the woods. Next time, no resting or if I do, I’ll recheck my brace to make sure it’s in the right position.